Garage_Door_Track_RollerWhenever your garage door tracks are in good shape your door operates smoothly. Anytime the door is lowered or raised, the tracks help with guiding the rollers. This makes everything work properly.

Anytime the garage door tracks or rollers aren’t in good shape. The door tends to become more difficult to operate and even noisier. There are many different sizes in length and a few in widths for garage door tracks.

These different sizes in length and width allow use with different size garage doors. A garage door track can actually be two or three parts on each side of the garage door. With a 2 inch vertical that runs right up the floor, this part shifts the track from a vertical path to horizontal one.


Replacement For Worn Out Parts


Keep into mind that the rollers that run up and down the tracks of the door can become worn out. Replacing rollers can be a pretty easy job with the right size.

When shopping for new rollers to replace the old ones. You’ll find there’s steel rollers and nylon rollers. The steel rollers are cheaper and tend to last longer, but are more noisy than the nylon rollers.

Garage door springs can also create some problems with the door and cables can become worn out and break. If so, replace the cables right away to prevent any further damage that can occur.

Always do an inspection and maintenance check periodically to your garage door to make sure the tracks and rollers are fine.

The garage door tracks can also become damaged if there’s any hard bump from a vehicle. This type of force could bend the tracks. If this ever happens just simply replace them.


Whenever you raise or lower the your garage door and start to hear more noise than usual. This could be indicating a problem that needs attention immediately.

You can call your local garage door repair company to send a professional technician to perform an inspection. He will be able to tell you exactly what’s the problem if any, and let you know what you need to do to have it fixed.